Wednesday, September 9, 2009

C Programming nice sms | Did your teacher give this task?

//wap a program to display the output of your life

avoide studies()
int girlfriend, money, problem;
if (money > $ 0)
girlfriend ++;
problem +++++;

press ctrl+F9 and check the output.

output ?

By Amit Yadav

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Brainport for Blinds | How can lollipop help blinds to see? | Assisting

Ah! I can see the world.

It is not less then a MIRACLE that now blinds can see their surroundings with this innovation. Scientists of WICAB Inc. got success in developing a gadget called BRAINPORT which demonstrated the ability to interpret images for human brain. Brianport has three parts. A camera is fitted on the mid of the goggle. The tiny camera picks up the images and videos and send it to a hand held device - control unit (looks like a cellphone or mobile). The chip embedded in control unit then converts the images into electronic pulses. The contrast and zoom can be adjusted by the given buttons on the control unit or control panel of the brainport. A lollipop kind of stick, which sits on the tongue in order to receive signals, is placed inside the mouth. The stick is made up of an array of electrodes. The lollipop stick receives the impulses and transfers it to the nerve cells of the tongue. Then the brain recognizes the images in the form of pixels and polygonal. The images are slitely monochromatic.
Its only helpful for them whose optical path in the brain is working.

AIEEE counselling 2009 for BE in Chattisgarh (CG Engineering Colleges) | DELL inspiron laptops recommended for college students

The counselling of AIEEE 2009 for BE course in Chattisgarh (CG) has been started after CG PET 2009 counseling. The merit list is ready according to the all India ranking in AIEEE not state rank for the students who have submitted application for AIEEE counseling with the DD of Rs100.
Download the Merit List from here.
The AIEEE counseling will start from August 23,2009.
Download the Counseling Schedule from here.

The seats are very less in the engineering colleges. Some students who have taken admission in engineering colleges through CG PET counselling also participate in the AIEEE counseling. So that they can change there branch or college.
Now internal counselling is going in
my college BIT Durg.

for more info on seat status
visit is the official website of Chhattishgarh Directorate of Technical Eduction.

One of my friends Udal Singh Sayyam took admission in mp through MP PET 2009.
for information related to MPPET 2009 counseling
visit or is a forum which gives information about MP PET counseling 2009.

Nowadays colleges have made laptop (notebook or netbook) compulsory. They have made it their sidebussiness to sell laptops from college. Dont buy laptop from college if it is of IBM or ACER,HP. I advice students to buy only laptop of DELL,MSI or LENEVO.
DELL LAPTOPS are having good configration. Dell studio and DELL Studio have good look too. It has 512 MB graphics card. The LCD screen has good contrast ratio. DELL netbook bundles windows vista and allows to upgrade to windows 7. And don't forget to buy a wifi dongle, through which you can access internet wirelessly in your college.
for more information on DELL notebooks or netbooks
But dont misuse it to play games and watch
movies in college.

NOKIA too launched its netbook pc. Nokia pc will have great features.

If you have any query,
kindly leave your questions to the comment box.