Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Having got thousands of invitation for friendship in facebook the cofounder of Microsoft Bill Gates left facebook. He was invited by around ten thousand people, and why not? He faced a lot of problem meeting and recognizing people in facebook. He’s not familiar with text messaging, he said.

IMAP OR POP3 | Email Client

When you set up your email client you are asked to select your email-server type. The common email clients support the following email servers.
Post Office Protocol (POP3) server holds the emails until you download them from your server. When you download the emails it is permanently deleted from server. Use POP3 if you access emails form a particular system.

Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) server allows you to read, forward emails without downloading the email in your system. If you read or download any message then one copy of your email is always stored in email servers. It’s helpful for them who use multiple systems and want to access their messages.

You should be careful when configuring an email client. If you use POP3 you always have a risk of hard disk crash and need to backup your emails frequently (like i faced with outlook express). Well it’s a good idea to configure your email client to IMAP server.
If you use MS Outlook, have some change. I use Windows Live Mail. You can download it from With live mail you get live writer (for blogging), live messenger (IM) etc. If you have created some filters which keeps those filtered mails in separate folder (viz. Hotmail, Live mail), the window live mail takes care of it. It makes separate folders for filters in the client as you used in hotmail’s website.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fees of Engineering Colleges Decided 2009

BIT DURG-------------------------22890
CSIT DURG------------------------20360
CHOKSE BILASPUR---------------20010
DIMAT RAIPUR-------------------20700
MPCCET BHILAI------------------20670
RIT RAIPUR-----------------------20670
RUNGTA BHILAI -----------------20290
YUGANTER Rajnandgaon----------19420
One year old colleges---------------19420
New colleges-----------------------17420

The above fee is to be paid every semester. This includes tuition, caution money, development and others. Beware of colleges they are taking extra fees and are not agree to the fees decided by committee. Please inquire about the actual fees form the students who have taken admission in such colleges. If you find any complain about it.

Click here for details about the fees of private engineering colleges. And to know how to complain the colleges where high fees is taken. Strict action would be taken against them.

I paid Rs26000 for BE first sem in BIT Durg. One of my friends paid Rs64000 to the newly built Engg College of Rajnandgaon this year.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Google Celebrated Solar Eclipse

Do you know Google took part in celebrating the Solar Eclipse? Google did some noticeable changes on its homepage on July 22. Google changed its logo. There was dark sky in the background and one of ‘o’ was illustrated as the sun covered by the moon. However the logo was too dark. Now people expect Google to make changes on every occasion and festivals (viz. Diwali, Id, Holi, Rakhi etc.). Some people said that Google created its black version some years back. Do you know about it?
Did you like solar eclipse avatar of Google?

How To Change Icon of CD, DVD and Pen Drives

Now showcase your CD, DVD and pen drives that you are the owner by setting an icon for it. (like I do)

First of all you have to choose an icon by downloading it from free online open sources like,,,, and you can search more icons from the search engines like Google, yahoo, bing or facility.

The icon files would be in the extension of .ico or .dll.

Do you want to create your own icon? Then make an image file (jpeg or png) of your logo, your name, any character, cartoon, your photo or anything. Open this image file in any image editor like Irfan View (I recommend because I found it the best, free, open source, most popular but you can choose any other if you wish) Now, save the file with an extension of .ico and name it “myicon.ico”.

Now, copy and paste this icon file into your pen drive, DVD or any other removable devices.

The most important step is to create a configuration file.

Open notepad and type the following code:



Now, save the file and name it autorun.inf with the extension .inf.

Then copy the file “autorun.inf” and paste the file in your removable devices (CD, DVD, or Pen drives). Now, remove your pen drive or burn your DVD with the above two files we’ve created.

CG PET 2009 Counselling Vacant Seat Status


Click here For Detailed Updates

Click Here to Know the Current Status of Vacant Seats

Happy Independence Day Independence Day Greeting

Its quiet helpful for candidates that Bhilai Institute of Technology Durg (BIT, durg) has been opened this year in Raipur, which has equal staffs and equal administration. So, I’d like to tell the students who couldn’t get BIT Durg (Bhilai Institute of Technology Durg) shouldn’t be disappointed. You can get Bhilai Institute of Technology Raipur. Only 2 students chose Rungta Group of Colleges the first day of counseling.

It’s better to compromise with college. But, don’t compromise with the branch. Core sectors have enough scope as my friend Ramakant told (he studies at National Institute of Technology (NIT Raipu)r with Chem. branch). However it depends on your interest.

I too appeared for Pre Engineering Test 2009. My counseling date was July 17. I’ve been allotted seat for BIT Durg(Bhilai Institute of Technology Durg) with CS. I’m very happy that my friend Deepesh also got CS in BIT Durg (Bhilai Institute of Technology Durg). My college has been started.

The cg pet counselling process is transparent as there is no quota for ST, SC, and OBC candidates. I really liked it.

SOME USEFUL WEBLINKS BIT Raipur BIT Durg [Bhilai Institute of Tebhnology Durg] GEC Bilaspur GEC Jagdalpur CSIT Durg DIMAT Raipur MPCCET Bhilai Shri Rawatpura Sarkar Sankaracharya Bhilai Rungta Parhivi Bhilai Kruti Raipur Central College Raipur RITEE Raipur MM College Raipur Columbia Raipur


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Make Your Pen Drive Virus Proof free

If you connect your pen drive or flash disk to any virus infected system then your pen drive to get infected.Then what is it that makes the virus activate when you plug-in your pen drive?
It is the file autorun.inf that makes the virus execute every time you connect your pen drive. And when you try to delete the file manually the virus regenerate the autorun.inf (.inf = information) file.

The question is how to restrict the file to be created?
Well, create a folder on the desktop and name it autorun.inf. Go to the properties of the folder, in General tab enable the check boxes: Hidden, Read Only. Now delete the autorun.inf file form your pen drive and quickly copy and paste the folder we’ve created. Now the file autorun.inf will be restricted until you delete the file.

The above step makes the virus deactivated, but the virus isn’t removed yet.

Sometimes, if your antivirus program even though it is updated, is not able to remove the virus. Or it detects and tries to remove the virus. But, the virus regenerates itself. Now a simple process is to create a folder as described above and name it same as the virus is e.g. Notepad.exe, VirusCleaner.vbe etc.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Increase Your Internet Speed for Sure !

Windows uses the 20% of your internet bandwidth. If you’re using Microsoft Windows OS genuinely or ..., you are a part of Microsoft development through error reports and all.

Do you want to use 100% bandwidth of your internet connection? If yes !

Follow these steps:

  • Right click on taskbar then select Task Manager to open Task Manager. Then click on file menu then select “New Task (Run)”.
  • Type "gpedit.msc" with no quotes. This opens the Group Policy Editorand goes to: "Local Computer Policy" Go to "Computer Configuration" then "Administrative Templates" then select "Network" then "QoS Packet Scheduler" After that, select "Limit Reservable Bandwidth".
  • Open Limit Reservable bandwidth, It is Not Configured by default. To know the cheat click on Explain tab.
  • Not Configured means: The Packet Scheduler limits the system to 20 percent of the bandwidth of a connection."
  • Now, you have to do is to ENABLE Reservable bandwidth, and then set it to ZERO. This sets the system to reserve nothing instead of the default 20.
Now fly with your 100% efficient internet!          Click Here  for More Tips n Tricks

Get the PDF version

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Golden opportunity to inscrebe Your Name here

Do you wish that your name should be written somewhere and more and more people to see your name?
If yes.

Then don't miss the opportunity.
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CG PET 2009 Counselling Schedule

While contains CG PET 2009 results, information, admit cards etc.
It has been very problematic for candidates of CG PET that there is no link and information about CG PET counselling in

How would students know that "When is CG PET counselling"?
Now here is the answer and correct link to the website.
Visit Directorate of Technical Education Govt of Chhattisgarh -

Or Directly find
Counseling Schedule at

Counseling Starts from July 17 Onwards.

Best of Luck