Friday, June 6, 2008

A True Horrer Story | A Villager

Oupon a time, my teacher went to a village to attend his friend’s marriage. He was accompanied with some of his more friends. After dinner some boys planned to roam around the village.

They (My teacher and one of his friends) started riding the bike deep into the jungle. Unfortunately then there was power cut. They were not able to see anything as there was power cut all around.

My sir suggested my friend to return back. His friend was ready. When he started riding instead of going back they were leading deep into the woods. Suddenly one break and bike stopped. Petrol finished. Imagine what they would have felt. What was their condition?

My sir directed his friend towards something suspected coming heading toward them. What an horrible situation. Sir described that It was an alien (or ghost) Which had a giant head, wearing white cloth. They were very afraid. His friend moved towards the jungle. My sir though if they leave the path then the ghost will catch them (It is Spoken). He called his friend and went under a tree.

He sat down and closed his eyes. His friend and he had a last hope of god. The ghost was heading towards them. They closed their eyes and started praying.

After some time my sir partially opened his eyes and saw...................

Actually it was a old lady wearing white saree, had a bucket of bamboo on her head which seemed the head of ghost.

It’s an absolutely true story spoken by my teacher 2 months ago.

Somebody wanted to read a blog on ghost.


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