Sunday, August 16, 2009

Google Preview (GP) | Solution for Relevant Search with Thumbnail

Considering you are using Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, AltVista, and Bing etc daily, as search engines are de facto today. If you are searching any topic or any website, sometimes search engine indexes some irrelevant sites (or made for SEO). This wastes your valuable time and internet bandwidth.
The solution is Google Preview (GP). Google Preview (GP) is available as an add on for Firefox and Internet Explorer both. After the installation whenever you perform a search in any search engine (Google search, Yahoo Search etc.) Google Preview will show the preview of the web-pages adjacent to the link. It also shows the page rank under the link of the search results. With GP you can prevent to visit the unrelevent, fake and phishing site. The rank of the site search is very useful to visit only to the popular and reputed sites.
Firefox users download Google Preview from here
And Internet Explorer download it from here.

Also Google launched a new service called Google Voice.
Visit Google's official blog
Shekhar Sahu
White Hat Android


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